Episode 058: The Holidays Are About Family?

January 8, 2018

The holidays are all about family and spending time with the ones you love. That's always the plan at least. Then comes the moment when reality sets in and bringing the chaos. That's pretty much what the holidays were for Ramiro and Santi!




Episode 057: Ramiro Like You’ve NEVER Heard Him

December 22, 2017
I've been friends with Ramiro for about 15 years now. We've shared a lot of great memories and have seen each others lives change in so many different ways. About 5 years ago I saw Ramiro go through some very dramatic life situations. He was going through a divorce and he had also lost his "work wife", Pebbles, after she was let go from our company. To say that his life's stability was in question around this time is an understatement. Fast forward about 6 months when life for him seemed to be turning around. He started smiling again and the belief that there was life after divorce started to build in his soul. He believed that happiness could happen to him once again. Two days later Ramiro and his family received devastating news. His ex-wife Sandie had to have emergency brain surgery to remove a brain tumor. Emotions, fears, and of course worst case scenarios starting building in his head. Life was once again getting the best of him.
There are very few people on earth that know the full story and know the emotions he was feeling at that time, and the months leading up to it. This episode is that story. You will hear Ramiro in a way you've never heard him before.
We give you Episode 057: Ramiro Like You've NEVER Heard Him

Episode 056: Santi Spent Thanksgiving ALONE

December 15, 2017

Santi has been open and very candid about the recent "issues" in his marriage. Like many challenges things end up getting worse before they get better. Well, things got a little worse over Thanksgiving.




Episode 055: Santi’s Having Marriage Issues

December 5, 2017
Santi has been very open with the many challenges he's facing in his life right now. The biggest one as of late is between him and his wife. Both have full-time jobs. They both also started separate companies all while trying to raise 4 kids. In that chaos, they've struggled to find time for each other, which has to lead to some tough times for Santi and his wife.
Ramiro and Santi also get a little spiritual in this episode as they explore life after death. They both have very separate opinions on what they want and believe what happens when one passes on.
And...of course, we can't have an episode without a little sex talk!

Episode 054: The Hollywood Sex Scandal

November 28, 2017

Hollywood's dirty secrets are being exposed! In this episode, we talk about the Hollywood sex scandal. Who its taken down, how the industry will change, and how society will evolve.  At least we hope it does.


Episode 053: Ramiro and Santi’s Biggest Insecurities

November 14, 2017
First, let me apologize for the delay in posting this episode. We had some technical problems with this recording that caused the posting delay.
In the episode we go deep into our insecurities. What they are, why they're there, and how we deal with them. We got pretty deep on this one. To be honest, when I listened back to this episode I could tell where we got a bit emotional. Nothing obvious that caused tears. But, there were moments were we allowed ourselves to be vulnerable. Once again, we went a little deep with this one.
Thank you for the support. Thanks for listening, and enjoy this latest, delayed, episode.

Episode 052: The Las Vegas Hot Tub

October 26, 2017

In the past, we've eluded to one of our more legendary stories we've NEVER told.  We can't say his name but we can give you some facts.  It took place in Las Vegas.  There was a very notable celebrity there.  And, there were two ladies....We'll just leave it at that, for now.  MORE DETAILS IN THIS EPISODE.

We also had to talk about the craziness in Hollywood with Harvey Weinstein.  We talked about the Hollywood culture, who knew, and what Hollywood needs to do to put an end to these predatory individuals.

If you have any suggestions for episode ideas.  Please let us know.  Email us: santi@santideoleo.com or thetalkstarspodcast@gmail.com





Episode 051: Conspiracy Theories

October 19, 2017

On this episode we cover all the popular conspiracy theories.  We start with the theories on Vegas and cover them all down to JFK.  And of courese, we can't have an episode without hearing about Santi's latest disagreements with his wife JoAnne.


Episode 050: Santi’s Daughter Is Already Taking inappropriate Pictures

October 12, 2017

Santi is a parent of 4 kids.  2 boys and 2 twin girls.  Recently, Santi's oldest son, Kullen, found innapropriate pictures on an iPad the kids use.  Santi was shocked, amused, and horrified to see pictures of his daughter Makenna posing very provactivly!  This does raise some very interesting questions. When, how, and why do kids start taking "almost naked selfies"?  And in Santi's case, where did they learn it from?? 



Episode 049: Ramiro Gets A Tattoo LIVE

October 5, 2017

We decided to do something a litte different for this episode.  We thought recording it while Ramiro was getting tattooed would be fun.  Special thanks goes out to Renot Lopes for letting us record while he was working.  He also let us interview him for most of the time.  We asked about crazy tattooes he's done, his background, and he allowed us to share our ideas for "cool" tattooes....to be honest, our ideas were insane and weird.  eather way, we had a blast!

Special thanks goes out to Renot, check out his tattoo work and graphic design: renotlopes.com